LANGUAGES: HTML 4/5 & CSS 2/3. Good working knowledge/familiarity of jQuery, JavaScript, SASS/SCSS, PHP 5 & MySql, custom WordPress.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Knowledge of pivotal tracker (an agile task management software) and agile development practices.

SOFTWARE FOR DESIGN/EDITING: Latest Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, OmniGraffle. Working knowledge of AfterEffects and Flash.

SOFTWARE FOR DEVELOPMENT: WordPress, NetBeans, SenchaTouch 2, jQuery UI,PHPStorm, Tower for Mac, Navicat, Sublime Text Editor

OTHER SOFTWARE OR TOOLS: Familiarity with GIT, MVC, MailChimp, FlowDock, Slack, InfusionSoft CRM, ZenDesk, FuseDesk, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Microsoft Office

WPM: Approximately 110-120 wpm.

Other Skills

Content Management  Email Marketing   Social Media Marketing   Website Usability   Interface Design

Employee Management   Testing & QA   Customer Happiness


Portland State University, Fall 2005–Fall 2009. B.A. Graphic Design.
University of New Mexico, August 17th, 2004–May 13th, 2005. Spanish & Sociology studies.
University of New Orleans, Summer Session, Montpelier, France. Intensive French studies.


I’d describe myself as: Introspective, sometimes quiet, traveler, animal and coffee lover, extraordinarily empathetic, resilient, adventurous, imaginative, daydreamer, introverted, honest, good speller, good grammar, mellow, individual thinker, non-dramatic.

What I aspire to be: Humble, a better designer, funnier, and a wiser person by the day.